The smartness of a car extends beyond its physical boundaries and relies on an intricate framework of services running in backend systems. This framework enables the mobility sector to offer faster-to-the-market features, providing added value to the end customer and reducing the cost of development for providers. The connected car infrastructure offers possibilities ranging from advanced vehicle diagnostic insights for OEMs to automated payments for customers, and limitless potential for service providers in between.

With our know-how on these frameworks, BRACE can support your organization with the design and engineering of vehicle systems to realize your vision in connected mobility  and smarter cars.



Tomorrow's mobility solutions will mark a revolutionary shift from the personal car to a cleaner and a more efficient way of door-to-door movement. This shift will require newer technologies to be integrated in our existing mobility solutions without compromising on the safety offered by these systems.

BRACE can be your trusted partner in the development of innovative and smart mobility solutions with emphasis on safety by supporting you with the adoption of latest safety standards and state-of-the-art industry practices.


As cars continue their transition from standalone people movers to integral elements of a greater digital system, they have potentially become vulnerable towards cyber threats. The connection to a bigger system also means that the car should have robust protection against the threats that can compromise their safe operation and integrity through any point in the system.

BRACE brings to the table valuable insights on organizational and procedural requirements from the upcoming regulations and standards that will propel your organization to deliver systems that are secure throughout the vehicle lifecycle.


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