The goal of moving away from conventional energy systems coupled with an ever increasing need for mobility has placed an unprecedent strain on sustainability goals set by the industry. To achieve these goals OEMs and suppliers are faced with the need to equip their products with targeted Design-for-Sustainability principles.

We help our customers reach their sustainability goals by helping them with development strategies and ways of working.

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Key players in automotive are gearing towards an electric future. With emphasis on electric technology in new vehicle platforms and reduced investments on ICE innovations, it is evident that automakers are accelerating towards mass-market electrification.

From providing development engineers to safety specialists, we are ready to serve you in your venture in electrification!


With lawmakers introducing new policies and incentives to reach stricter sustainability targets, consumers are offered with innovative mobility solutions based on electric platforms. As these technologies gain more traction among people, solution providers must be geared to embrace this highly-dynamic ecosystem.

We leverage our knowledge on regulations and policies in the automotive domain to deliver high-quality solutions.


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