Enable safety of frontier technologies like autonomous driving, electrification, and artificial intelligence is a challenging task. With trusted experience of BRACE Automotive in automotive functional safety assure that your systems are safe, dependable, and ready to deploy on roads!

ISO 26262

The ISO 26262 - Road Vehicles Functional Safety, first published in 2011 and revised in 2018 is the current state-of-the-art standard to ensure functional safety of road vehicles. ISO 26262 applies to OEMs delivering on-road mobility products and automotive solution providers (Tier - 1, Tier - 2, Tier - 3 suppliers) producing electronic or electrical systems. The ISO 26262 series of standards provide requirements towards E/E systems developed for passenger cars, trucks, busses, and motorcycles to ensure that 'Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL)' are met at every stage of system lifecycle.


Compliance to ISO 26262 demonstrates due diligence and provides confidence that your product is free from unreasonable risk during its operation in the field. The standard provides a set of guidelines to identify potential hazards and implement suitable safety measures before series production to ensure greater confidence in your product. ISO 26262 also helps you reinforce your brand image by taking appropriate steps against expensive safety-related product recalls and fatal accidents on the road. ISO 26262 is widely recognized in the global automotive market and supports compliance towards international safety regulations.

brace automotive functional safety

Naleving van ISO 26262 getuigt van zorgvuldigheid en geeft het vertrouwen dat uw product vrij is van onredelijke risico's tijdens gebruik.

brace automotive functional safety

Met meer dan 10 jaar ervaring in functional safety en 20 jaar ervaring in de auto-industrie heeft BRACE een enorme ervaring opgebouwd.

Trusted experience

With over 10 years of experience in functional safety and 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, BRACE has accumulated vast experience in the area of automotive functional safety. We have provided service to top automotive OEM and suppliers and are a trusted partner in the automotive industry. BRACE primarily focusses on strengthening the three pillars of development (People, Process, and Product) to ensure maximum ISO 26262 reach within organizations.

 BRACE has provided the following ISO 26262 services to automotive organizations:

Customer and supplier interface management

Safety management

ISO 26262 process development

Confirmation reviews

ISO 26262 Audits and Assessment

Safety case development

Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessments

Safety concept development

Safety Analyses (FMEA, FTA, FMEDA,...)

Safety requirements creation and management

ASIL decomposition


BRACE automotive also leverages its cross-domain automotive experience  to support your organization with a comprehensive set of services related to ISO 26262.


  • Gap analysis to check suitability of existing organization practices to ISO 26262
  • Process improvements on existing frameworks to ensure maximum compliance to ISO 26262
  • Bespoke trainings tailored for your leadership and engineering teams to reduce lead times
  • Confirmation reviews, Audits and Assessments according to ISO 26262
  • Specialized services for individual ISO 26262 work products
  • KPIs to benchmark ISO 26262 implementation and performance

Our safety experts work closely with the leadership and development teams of your organization to meet ISO 26262 requirements.

avinash varadarajan BRACE development engineer specialises in functional safety

Avinash Varadarajan works at BRACE automotive development as a development engineer and is specialized in functional safety. In addition to helping various customers with their functional safety challenges, Avinash regularly publishes on this topic.

Are you a solution provider developing security-critical systems? Please contact Avinash, he will be happy to explain how BRACE can also support the successful development and implementation of your system.


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