The multidisciplinary nature of the 3 market-oriented domains makes BRACE a valuable automotive development partner.
brace automotive development smart & connected

smart & connected

Cars are increasingly becoming part of a bigger system. Connections to this system and their communication require a specialist approach. It's growing independence from the driver also requires more focus on functional safety. ​​With more systems connected, the demand for higher cybersecurity standards is rising.​
brace automotive development sustainability & electric

sustainability & electric

The automotive industry is putting more and more emphasis on sustainability in order to meet end users demand for more sustainable products. ​The move to electrification in the automotive industry is an important trend that has an impact on all engineering aspects of the vehicle. ​
BRACE automotive development-AUTONOMOUS & DRIVER ASSIST

autonomous & driver assist

In this domain we focus on the part the driver plays in driving the vehicle. Multiple systems are already being developed to support the driver. Brace can assist in improving the integrity of these systems before being released. ​Major aspect in this domain is functional safety. ​

Functional Safety

Modern vehicles are highly dependent on well functioning on-board computers, sensors, actuators and networks. With the automotive industry rapidly moving towards a future of autonomous vehicles and intelligent mobility systems, it is in the vehicle’s electric and electronic system that most of the innovations will take place.

This complex area leads to an exposure of risk with regards to functional safety. Brace has a specialist team of functional safety engineers that can assist you from functional safety assessments and gap analysis up to process and technology improvements. This dedicated team works according to the state-of-the-art industry standard ISO 26262 and certifications.


our customers

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Sensor ASIC review for OBD

For a sensor supplier to the automotive industry BRACE provided consultancy with regards to OBD. The sensor supplier was getting an increasing amount of questions from their customers on the OBD "readiness" of their sensor. In addition the general trend was that the sensor itself got more intelligent which also required that some diagnostics had to be build-in into the sensor.
brace automotive development smart & connected


BRACE process framework 3.0

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the huge amount of software that is present in a modern day car. Some sources claim that a single vehicle might have close to 100 million lines of software code (Approximately 18,000 printed pages)! If so, who is writing all this code!?
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