our vision

Technological developments are moving at an exponential rate. Companies that depend on the use of technology are increasingly becoming companies with an increasing integration of this in their business processes. New and modest access to specialized subjects and the competence to use them in innovative applications will be critical to their success.


our mission

BRACE will play an essential role as an inventive partner in the development of new systems and products. Based on a multidisciplinary approach, BRACE organizes the necessary and in-depth knowledge for this. By organizing and combining specializations and collaboration with carefully selected partners, BRACE will be the binding factor.

The BRACE engineers do this from an inventive basic attitude and with shared values. They use the broad experience of our market-oriented Business Units and their in-depth technical knowledge to arrive at inventive and integrated solutions.


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our core values


It is our goal to grow every assignment into a transparent and close collaboration for years to come.


We embrace the “DNA” of the service provider and believe in the power of long-term relationships with customers and employees.


We cherish the technical curiosity of our engineers and combine this with ingenuity and decisiveness.


In our view, passion is the source of inspiration and decisiveness, and the basis for dedication, pride and pleasure in work.


Creativity enables us to solve new and complex challenges that go beyond the initial question.