Modern technology (in our cars) requires state-of-the-art solutions. To keep them safe, and secure them from outside threats. You already knew our services in functional safety to keep your products safe, to which we now add cybersecurity, to protect you and your customers from those threats.

The need to keep products safe applies to the entire automotive lifecycle. A large part of success is determined during technology and product development. We call this 'safe by design'.

Compliance with cybersecurity legislation (UNECE R155), industry standard (ISO 21434) and best-practices demonstrates diligence and instils confidence in your product. The ISO standard provides a set of guidelines to identify potential hazards and implement appropriate measures for series production to ensure greater confidence in your product.

ISO 21434 also helps you strengthen your brand image by taking appropriate measures against costly (safety-related) product recalls and road accidents. ISO 21 434 is widely recognised in the global automotive market and supports compliance with international safety regulations.


Goal: Create awareness and support for optimising resilience to (cyber) threats. Cybersecurity legislation is coming. Are you already prepared? Europe is fully committed to cybersecurity legislation, such as the Cybersecurity Act and privacy legislation. For automotive, legislation goes through UNECE R regulations.

What is expected of you in terms of Protect -> detect -> respond and recover and how do you comply with the law and exclude liability?

In our boardroom session, we address questions such as: "Do we really need this now?" "Can't we wait until there is a problem?" "We are not wireless and/or not connected to the internet, is it really necessary for us?"



The quick scan looks at whether the general principles for cybersecurity are being followed.

Risico analyse

Comprehensive risk analysis of threats, vulnerabilities and mitigation

Security concept

Security requirements, security architecture, etc...

With more than 10 years of experience in functional safety and 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, BRACE has accumulated a vast experience in the field of automotive (functional) safety. We have provided services to the best OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry and are trusted partners in the automotive industry. BRACE focuses primarily on strengthening the three pillars of development (people, process and product) to ensure maximum reach within organisations.

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