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Safe autonomous driving requires revolutionary thinking. To build architectures that have the right capability to enable autonomy, organizations must be ready to perform cross-domain thinking.

We provide our customers with specialized services ranging from in-house knowledge to engineers that can be deployed at native customer locations.

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OEMs and service providers are gearing up towards continuous feature development extending beyond the production line.  To offer high value scalable products to consumers, service providers need to invest in novel system architectures.

We back our customers with cutting-edge knowledge on the latest automotive architectures to provide outperforming solutions that lasts across generations


Advance Driver Assist Systems are an indispensable part of ensuring safety on roads in addition to providing exceptional comfort to the end user. While the assistance systems are starting to take up the majority of the driving responsibility, the integrity expected from these systems are also increasing.

Our experience with functional safety makes BRACE an experienced partner for development of driver assist systems.


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