BRACE automotive development nodigt studententeam uit bij Lightyear

BRACE provides student team from Zwolle with unique automotive experience at Lightyear

rdw self driving challenge 2022

Last summer, Team Windesheim from Zwolle won the RDW Self Driving Challenge. BRACE had the honour of inviting the student team to Lightyear, producer of the very first solar-powered car.

The self-driving kart of student team 'Windesheim' from Zwolle won gold for the first time at the Self Driving Challenge at the TT Junior Track in Assen on Friday 10 June 2022. The software team from Groningen came second and the car engineering team from Rotterdam took third prize.


BRACE automotive development - studententeam Zwolle

The winners of the challenge didn't only win the honour and a beautiful trophy, but also experienced a unique automotive experience: the student team from Zwolle was invited to the Automotive Campus in Helmond, where Lightyear's headquarters are located.

BRACE automotive development invited the students to spend a full day inside and ask their questions to the people of Lightyear, producer of the first solar-powered car. In the morning, the students were given an instructive and innovative workshop 'Functional safety, how to make a safe vehicle'. In the afternoon, they had a look inside Lightyear's headquarters in Helmond. Here they caught a glimps at the very first solar-powered car, and whether it was worth it...

BRACE automotive development bezoek Lightyear
BRACE automotive development bezoek Lightyear
BRACE automotive development bezoek Lightyear

Lightyear 0

The very first solar-powered car is not only groundbreaking in the technology it is equipped with, it also has sublime looks.

With a whopping 5m² of solar panels, the Lightyear 0 is capable of gaining up to 70km a day in driving range. Thus, it could drive more than 1,000km between charges.

The students were clearly impressed and returned home inspired after an instructive day.

Find out more about Lightyear.

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