TomTom AutoStream quickly and automatically streams the latest map data from the TomTom cloud to ensure safe automated driving by using accurate and up-to-date HD and ADAS map content. It consists of two components:

1. The AutoStream service: An online back-end component which compiles map data into size-optimized tiles and makes those available for download via a CDN.

2. The AutoStream client: An onboard software component which handles the download of the map tiles from the AutoStream service and exposes the map data via the Map access API

BRACE was responsible for the functional safety compliance of AutoStream In-Vehicle Client:

entire ISO 26262 development for the AutoStream Client Software Component
supporting TomTom in discussions with OEM’s around the world

BRACE automotive development referentie TomTom

functional safety compliance of AutoStream In-Vehicle Client

BRACE automotive development AutoStream referentie

TomTom AutoStream: ensure safe automated driving