BRACE automotive development hosts functional safety workshop for FONTYS automotive students

Functional Safety workshop for Fontys automotive students

As proud partner of ACE Mobility, we recently hosted an interactive workshop for second-year international automotive students of Fontys. The workshop, led by our Functional Safety specialist Avinash, aimed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Functional Safety and its significance within the automotive industry. The event not only enlightened the students but also fostered a strong connection between BRACE and the next generation of automotive engineers.

Enlightening Workshop on Functional Safety

The workshop conducted by BRACE automotive development proved to be an engaging and informative experience for the participating students. Avinash captivated their attention with an in-depth exploration of Functional Safety, ensuring that the information shared was both comprehensible and accessible. Through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, the students gained practical insights into the core competencies of Functional Safety. Avinash's open and inclusive approach fostered a positive learning environment, encouraging students to actively participate and ask questions.

Empowering the next generation automotive engineers

The workshop received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the second-year international students of Fonty's Automotive. In a post-workshop survey, the students expressed their enthusiasm for the subject of Functional Safety and appreciated Avinash's engaging teaching style. They found the information shared to be insightful and invaluable to their automotive engineering aspirations. The students' keen interest in the workshop further solidified BRACE Automotive's confidence in their potential as future industry professionals.

BRACE's partnership with ACE Mobility

BRACE automotive development and ACE Mobility forged a partnership in December 2022, aiming to expand their networks and share knowledge in the areas of education and research. This collaboration has allowed BRACE to connect with Fontys. The partnership emphasizes the mutual benefits of knowledge sharing between industry and academia, fostering innovation and growth in the automotive sector. Through collaborations with educational institutions like Fontys, BRACE is paving the way for a brighter and more innovative future in the automotive industry.