Course Overview

The training programme provides your team with the state-of-art best practices related to ISO 26262 compliance. The interactive nature of the training assures that the questions of your team are answered by our expert trainers. 

The course is offered as a classroom course in our premises or in case of a large participant group as an on-site training. Brace automotive will be happy to meet your specific training necessity and offer a bespoke training package based on your requirements.


  • Introduction to the ISO 26262 series of standards
  • Understand the basics of functional safety and importance of safety management
  • Awareness on the necessary safety lifecycle activities according to ISO 26262
  • Introduction to Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) and risk reduction via safety measures
  • Outline of interdependencies between different project teams for seamless  ISO 26262 process flow
  • Importance of safety culture


Full Focus on ISO 26262: What’s, Why’s, and How’s

  • 1 days of training
  • 4 sessions
  • Breakout sessions to discuss specific ISO 26262 related questions from your teams
  • Session 1 (ISO 26262: 2018 Part 2)
    • Introduction and overview to ISO 26262
    • Functional safety and quality
    • Project specific / independent safety management
    • Cost and effort impact of ISO 26262
    • Liability and responsibility in ISO 26262
    • Process and framework required for ISO 26262
    • Safety across the supply chain
  • Session 2 (ISO 26262: 2018 Part 3 & 4)
    • Hazard analysis and risk assessments
    • Safety concept and system development
    • Safety analysis
      • Session 4 (ISO 26262: 2018 Part 5, 6, & 11)
        • Implementation of safety concept in hardware and software
        • Safety related HW & SW development
        • Integration and testing
        • System validation
      • Session 6 (ISO 26262: 2018 Part 7 & 8)
        • Safety during production and operation
        • Safety during service and decommissioning
        • Safety related audits and assessments
        • Safety policy and safety culture
        • Safety cases


      The course is suitable for anyone who wishes to gain an introduction to ISO 26262 and/or anyone already involved in ISO 26262 implementation.

      For this training, we strongly recommend to involve multi-disciplinary teams from your organization.

      For practicality reasons and planning, our representatives will be happy to help you to pair suitable teams to the training sessions.


      The course does not have any prerequisites and is open to everyone.

      In case available, we strongly recommend participants to take specific case study examples in their team or questions that you might have regarding ISO 26262 implementation.


      The training will be held in English and all training material will be provided as digital copies  to the participants.

      Please note that the training material does not include a copy of the actual ISO 26262 standard series.


      1 days (In-house and/or on-site)

      start your training on functional safety

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      Avinash Varadarajan works at BRACE automotive development as a development engineer and is specialized in functional safety. In addition to helping various customers with their functional safety challenges, Avinash regularly publishes on this topic.

      Are you a solution provider developing security-critical systems and are you looking to train your team on Functional Safety? Please contact Avinash, he will be happy to advise you on your Functional Safety training requirements.

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