Course Overview

In this course, we will cover a wide range of topics related to safety in the automotive industry, including the principles of systematic development, design principles, and standards related to system safety (For example, ISO 26262, SOTIF). The course will also cover emerging technologies that are transforming the automotive industry, such as autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems in the context of safety.

The training programme is tailor made by experts and will provide you with solid foundations in the key safety principles and practices that are essential in the automotive industry. Whether you are an automotive engineer, a safety professional, or simply interested in learning more about system safety, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to make informed decisions kickstart system safety in your organization.

The interactive nature of the training assures that the questions of your team are answered by our expert trainers.  The course is offered as a classroom course in our premises or in case of a large participant group as an on-site training. Brace automotive will be happy to meet your specific training necessity and offer a bespoke training package based on your requirements.


  • Introduction to system safety in the automotive domain
  • Basics of system safety and importance of safety management
  • Role of functional safety within system safety and product safety
  • Role of standards and best practices to ensure system safety
  • Foster a company culture that recognizes safety as a top priority
  • Awareness on the necessary lifecycle activities
  • Provide in-depth exercises and hands-on sessions on principles related to system safety
  • Show proof of competence management suitable for audits and assessments


Full Focus on ISO 26262: What’s, Why’s, and How’s

  • 1 day of training
  • 4 sessions
  • In-depth focus on automotive system safety
  • Breakout sessions
  • Session 1
    • What is product safety and why is important for you?
    • Product safety, system safety, and functional safety
    • Frameworks and standards for achieving system safety
    • Understanding of hazards, risks, and risk reduction
    • Liability
    • Safety culture and safety policy
  • Session 2
    • Safety distributed developments
    • Safety in off-the-shelf components
    • Safety across the supply chain
    • Safety related audits and assessments
    • Safety cases
    • Session 3
      • Safety management principles
      • Safety during design and development
      • Safety during production and system deployment
    • Session 4
      • Preparing your organization for safety
      • Integration of safety teams within your organization
      • Preparing for safety incidents after deployment
      • Safety related recalls
      • Useful tools for system safety


    The course is suitable for anyone who wishes to gain an introduction to system safety within the automotive domain. For this training, we strongly recommend to involve multi-disciplinary teams from your organization. For practicality reasons and planning, our representatives will be happy to help you to pair suitable teams to the training sessions.


    The course does not have any prerequisites and is open to everyone working in the automotive domain.


    The training will be held in English and all training material will be provided as digital copies  to the participants.

    Please note that the training material does not include a copies of the standards referenced in the training sessions.


    1 days (In-house and/or on-site)

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    Avinash Varadarajan works at BRACE automotive development as a development engineer and is specialized in functional safety. In addition to helping various customers with their functional safety challenges, Avinash regularly publishes on this topic.

    Are you a solution provider developing security-critical systems and are you looking to train your team on Functional Safety? Please contact Avinash, he will be happy to advise you on your Functional Safety training requirements.

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